I specialise in graphics and branding based in illustration. I work with several prominent organisations from their conception and continue to create graphics and provide creative direction ongoing. I also undertake many smaller branding challenges every year and am always happy to provide ad hoc design expertise and creative direction.

I landed a job at one of the biggest consumer goods companies in the world early on in my career. Working with the best Advertising & Design Agencies in the business for many years gave me an extraorinary education in graphic design, creative direction and branding.

Below are just a few examples of graphics I have created for a range of clients & events

  • supermoon 2
  • One Week to go
  • Clare Balding presenter
  • Kadina the Jump
  • We want you.jpg
  • stacked TRi  logo on starburst  copy.jpg
  • Briony.jpg
  • Avengers tower with steam caps Square.jpg

Superheroes Series as seen on Channel 4

Creative. Branding and collateral and continue to produce all graphics and illustrations ongoing

  • Front Page Template Rutland.jpg
  • Front Page Template Stamford.jpg
  • August cover.jpg
  • Front Page Template Lincolnshire.jpg
  • 90949042-E8F3-43C3-A574-4D566BA9A13F.jpg
  • 1A45609F-063F-4EA2-AEB5-589FA6BAD491.jpg

Pride Magazines

Regular cover artist

  • 400dpi  primary Logo with African Elephant draft copy.jpg
  • Invitation High Res for album copy
  • RAlly for conservation green muted olive.jpg
  • Journal.jpg
  • draft OAT Chrdsitmas 2020 snow blue sky .jpg

Olsen Animal Trust

Creative. Branding, graphics and I work with the team to create all visusal communications ongoing

  • Orange back 2.jpg
  • etchings.jpg

Guy Deakins Heritage Gardener

Branding and tools

  • Love Delivered Logo.jpg
  • boxed flowers
  • Thinking of you
  • Love delivered logo grey for white stock.jpg
  • delivery van copy.jpg
  • Love delivered logo calamine pink.jpg
  • Box on doorstep copy.jpg

Love Delivered

Branding and creative -  including all collateral plus Art Direction of photography and comms

  • Combined line brown
  • FH brown
  • Combined brown

Branding for Boston Preservation Trust

  • ruth logo round square
  • ruth gift voucher square

Ruth's Little Kitchen

Graphics for general use

  • New shop front 1.jpg
  • New shop front 2 christmas.jpg
  • Hoppers winter.jpg

Hoppers Jewellers

Shop fronts for Hoppers Jewellers to use instore and for publicity

  • The Willows HERO LOGO
  • hanse a
  • Boston Book Festical Hero Logo on trans
  • Floor Maintainer  front copy
  • back of card Draft
  • Katie and flick wreath www
  • Speedworks White stacked copy
  • village a
  • mindful
  • 2 tone on grey 2
  • Sterling Cotton stacked copy
  • logo on transparent current
  • christmas poster

Other Branding 

including: The Willows; Boston Book Festival; Mr Murrays Mervellous; Boston Hanse; Speedworks; Various event posters, Sterling Cotton; Katie & Jo; legacy hospitality; Mindful Children

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