Maps & Murals

Illustrated maps are a great way to help customers understand your business. As well as serving a practical purpose, they can also act as a tool, making it clear to customers the breadth of your offering. Adding a mural can elevate your premisis and make it uniquely memorable. Murals can elicit an emothional response in customers, which can make a visitor feel real affection for your business.

I charge by the day (or half day) plus any additional materials. Please contact me for more details on costs or a quote.

  • The Laurels copy
  • Laurels site map
  • logo
  • Elm Farm Cottages
  •  Cottages only LAYERED
  • The Willow School Aerial View Low res
  • The Coach House
  • The Willows HERO LOGO
  • LAYERED Burpham Active Travel copy-3
  • long road Aldi side copy
  • mountains pic nic.jpg
  • mountains woodland.jpg
  • mountains shop.jpg
  • mountains fox.jpg
  • 97DA7B78-91DE-4D85-95EC-8FD6E2B6C653 2.JPG
  • F0694ED5-722F-4B8D-955C-86DE64C4768D 2.JPG
  • D766384E-2658-4862-BBB8-E66223685AA0 2.JPG
  • 97DA7B78-91DE-4D85-95EC-8FD6E2B6C653
  • B66BEED5-1372-468F-A3B3-84FF5A812FF3
  • 77AA56CB-33B7-45E4-A18E-47D5EF73F9D5
  • IMG_1929.jpg
  • IMG_1928.jpg
  • IMG_1850.jpg
  • FEB841B9-B4DF-491D-A109-D66178C6C254