I work mainly in oils or watercolour but even simple pencil sketches can capture a personality and become a family treasure for genarations.

Prices vary depending on complexity & size. I will always try to work to your budget; so don't be shy, call me or email and I'll see what I can do.

Since my first day at Art School 30 years ago I have delighted in capturing a likeness and making poirtraits. minitures, a simple sketch or more formal, large pieces. A portrait captures something a photograph can't. Here are a few examples of recent commissions.

A selection of portraits

Oil on canvas - prices vary from £150 - £250


Oil on canvas, Each 30cm x 23cm - £225


Oil on canvas - Similar from £200

  • img642
  • img639
  • img637
  • img636


Pencil Studies. Similar from £150

'HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh'

Watercolour on paper - £250

  • B5B34168-9878-4237-B473-49C561520C8F
  • AA92A16E-4350-451B-BFD2-88702311FF1B

'Ivy' - Christening memento

Pencil studies - Similar from £150 for the two

  • IMG_5165.JPG
  • CEED46D3-B15A-4F98-AF0C-9D58C24FE887

Cecily Hot Head

Oil on canvas - Tondo 70 cm's across

  • Childrens portraits -7
  • Childrens portraits -8
  • img644
  • img635
  • img535
  • img634
  • img537
  • img271
  • img272

A selection of pencil portraits

Ranging in price from £80 - £180

  • 650F6EE2-08D7-4216-858B-76A03D78F86B
  • 4C99FE8F-784C-46FD-A6E6-36DDF1D87073
  • IMG_7224
  • IMG_0915
  • IMG_2683
  • IMG_0162
  • IMG_3098
  • IMG_0669
  • IMG_5168.JPG

Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Week

A selection - Oil on Canvas, including 'Samira Ahmed', placed 2nd by judges.