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  1. It's been a busy start to 2023.

    As well as building the graphics for the amazing Superheroes Series 2023 - (this year we are going for exploreres with lots of jungle elements. Its going to be another fabulous series of events...), last month I had the pleaseure of rectreating some of the murals at Mountains Farm Shop in Heckington.

    mountains pic nic


    mountains shop

    The paint had hardly dired on the last lot when they were lost to fire. Thankfully nobody was hurt and the team at Mountains were soon back up and running again. This time we made the murals bigger and better than ever. The shop is looking fantastic and it won't be long until the rebuild restaurant is open again too. 

    I'm aslo working on a series of large paintings based on nature and food. to see what I'm up to follow me on @jos_drawingroom on instagram 

  2. Instagram has rather taken over the space in my life for this blog. (If you want to follow, a couple of years ago I separated out the professional & personal by creating a new insta page - @jos_drawingroom)

    Too much has happened since my last blog. What is on the near Horizon? The next Superhero seies event is happening very soon (it starts in about 3 weeks). We have already completed one this year... the next one will be Superheroes On Vacation. I love the support of MARVEL who have animated my drawings in their amazing studios this year! 

    BannerTeam captains x 5


    Through the lockdown I had time to do a lot of painting. I even had some moderate sucess which meant more to me than perhaps it should have! Week after week I took huge pleaseure in locking myself away in the studio for 4 hours on a Sunday morning and taking part in Sky Arts 'Portrait Artist Of The Week'. My paintings were often featured in the program in a montage of the previous weeks submissions (of which there were many more than a thousand each week). The week BBC's Samira Ahmed sat, I was thrilled to be placed second with my oil portrait.



    Until next time!