House Portraits

House portraits vary as much as houses themselves. Prices are calculated to fit your needs and budget, based also on the complexity of the house. From a quick 'illustration' such as Holly Cottage' Below, to a more complex and detailed watercolour.

Your house portrait can also be used to create unique cards and stationery.

'Virginia House'

Watercolour - Similar Painting £130

Mill House

Watercolour - Similar painting £170

'Acorn Cottage'

Watercolour - Similar painting £120

Tile Hung Betchworth

Watercolour - similar painting £220

Leigh Cottage

Watercolour - similar painting £160

'Shellwood Cottages - multiple views'

Watercolour - similar painting £220

Coupledyke Hall'

Watercolour - similar painting £130

'The White House'

Watercolour - similar painting £130

'Rose Cottage'

Simple Illustration - similar from £60